Smithwicks Experience Kilkenny

January 18, 2016

Located on the Medieval Mile, Smithwicks Experience Kilkenny is highly recommended to visit during your stay in Kilkenny. Winner of many awards and a sister to the Guinness Store House make sure this is top of your list in terms of things to do in Kilkenny 

Smithwicks Experience Kilkenny is one of Kilkennys newest and most popular attractions and a must see for all visitors to Kilkenny

This new visitor experience is full of culture, history, fun and great stories. Starting when John Smithwick moved to Kilkenny in the early 1700 and went into the brewing business on a piece of land that was leased from the Duke of Ormond in 1705 who lived in Kilkenny Castle. The Smithwick family in Kilkenny continued to run the brewery through many generations and as part of the interactive guided tour of the Smithwicks Experience you will be able to hear all the great tales, stories and history attached to the brewery. Smithwicks is still produced and enjoyed worldwide

You can book your tickets for Smithwicks Experience Kilkenny at reception in the Kilkenny River Court Hotel. Smithwicks is located within a short 5 minute stroll of the hotel

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