Kilkenny River Court Hotel Raises Significant Funds for Lions Club

December 20, 2015

The Kilkenny River Court Hotel and the Lions Club partnered together for the Festive Season 2015 to raise funds as part of the Lions Club Christmas Fundraising. Over two weekends in December the Lions Club formed a Carol Singing and Music group to fundraise at the Welcome Reception for the Hotels Christmas Party Night

Maeve President of the Lions Clun advised ‘It was an outstanding success and very enjoyable for everyone involved. On one of the evenings we were so fortunate with the surprise of sharing our festive carols with a Choir from Dublin who were attending the part night. I can honestly say the joint performance was just breath-taking! We are so grateful to everyone who volunteered their time to make this occasion so great for our club’
The Lions Club collected a significant amount of funds at the welcome reception for the Party Nights and in addition to this the Kilkenny River Court Hotel were delighted to present a donation cheque to the Club in recognition and support of all their fundraising initiatives.
All those that attended the Christmas Party Nights were very generous with their contributions to the Lions Club which supports so many great causes in Kilkenny. The Kilkenny River Court Hotel welcomed groups from Kilkenny and outside of Kilkenny.
The event was a huge success and the Lions Club are delighted to announce that they will be teaming up with the Kilkenny River Court Hotel for Christmas 2016.

Kilkenny River Court Hotel
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